Terms & Conditions

  1. If the phone number and delivery address are not correct, we are not able to deliver your order.
  2. We can call on your number to confirm the order, update you with the final price, regarding product substitute (if any) and to confirm the address.
  3. Cross check the products with the bill till then our delivery boy will be there. Once delivery boy leaves no complaint is requested.
  4. Price confirmed on call is not negotiable.
  5. If final order price is less than Rs-1000, then Rs-50 extra shipping price included in the bill.
  6. If the image of the product list is not clear we will call back to confirm the list again.
  7. If any product is not available in the city we can cancel that product or we can call you back for its substitute product.
  8. Final price is calculated on the basis of MRP of each product.
  9. If anyone accidentally gave us wrong number and you have not placed the order, then we are sorry for that.
  10. Currently, we are accepting orders for limited areas only, which comes under 277001 postal code.
  11. Homemade chocolates will be delivered in 7 days after the order is booked.
  12. Handmade key ring holders, murals, mural nameplate will take 1 month time to deliver.
  13. No product will be return once purchased